Freedom Place is founded on the belief that every person has worth and potential. 

About Us

We are committed to empowering women and children to live out their greatest potential by discovering self-worth, developing trusting relationships and establishing habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.       

For women, it is the responsibility of each to manage her choices.  When she is ready, we begin the journey together.  With a counselor and case manager,  clients develop a tailored plan to identify and break unhealthy life cycles.  

Children deserve a fair fight in life.  When undeserving circumstances happen, it is important someone step in to facilitate change.  By utilizing a whole-child approach, we seek to empower and equip each child in a safe environment. 

In changing the lives of women and children, we affect lasting change in the family and the community.  

When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.
— Dr. Steve Maraboli


What We Do...

  • Affordable counseling & life coaching for women and children
  • Case management to connect individuals and families with helpful resources
  • Supporting foster & adoptive families 
  • Parenting & life skills training
  • Job retention & budgeting support