Empowered to Parent

Children are our greatest asset.  When children experience a relationship-based hurt, mending the brokenness can only come through a nurturing relationship.  Empowered to Parent (ETP) offers caregivers the opportunity to develop skills necessary to bring healing relationships to children.   This training is founded in the principles of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development.  Be a part of changing a child's developmental trajectory.  

Caregiver / Parent Training

Change is best experienced in a child's home environment under the care of loving caregivers.  ETP is a multi-session caregiver training intensive designed to equip caregivers in skills useful for transforming a child's journey.  Summer classes include training for the parents / caregivers, with a therapeutic child's group taking place simultaneously.  New groups will be starting in May and January.  

June - July 2019: Registration is now OPEN. Cost is $150 per family. In order to effectively focus therapeutic components, ages in children’s group may be limited.

Dates:  Tuesdays, June 4th - 25th, July 9th - 30th

Time: 6p-8p


Our buddies are a vital part of a child's success in this training.  Each child is assigned a personal buddy to participate in activities each week.  Buddies serve as role models through playful, engaging activities.  Buddies are expected to be present for all 8-wk sessions so that a child is never without their buddy.  There is no cost to be involved.   For the protection and integrity of this training, Buddies must agree to a background check and sign a confidentiality statement.  Buddies support our therapeutic groups that will be starting in June 2019. Click below to get started.

Sponsor a Family

The cost per family is $150 and includes all sessions and learning materials.  We have reduced the cost below necessary to cover expenses.  However, for some families, this cost may be a barrier.  

Sponsor a family!!   This a great opportunity to invest in your neighbors, children, or grandchildren.   Together, we can build stronger families and communities.  Click the link below!